The very first website we made was launched in time for our 10th anniversary in 2013 designed by Simoun Almoro together with our principal Edwin. It has been seven years and we feel it is about time to update and refresh our site.

We started to talk about the new site in early 2019 and decided to design it all in-house. It probably took almost a year in planning as it has always gone a low priority over our work assignments and urgent project deadlines. Nevertheless, we share some stories from the photoshoot we have done for the landing page and the main two home pages for the office and the projects aptly called WE ARE and the WE DO sections of this website respectively.

The website is designed to make it more playful. We love creating design experiences that stimulates more than meets the eye. So what you see is NOT what you get. Try to explore by hovering both homepages to see which interests you. Some items pop-up, click and discover. Videos are also embedded in some sections as you come close deeper into the site. It is just like having fun.

Of course, we know that eventually, once you have explored every nook and cranny of our site, we feel you. We also have designed a shortcut to ease you through quickly with that arrow on the top right or if you just want to go home, click on the balloon and we will instantly you back where you took off.

Concept & Shoot

Objects all over the place, that is who we are. We love to be surrounded by wonderful stuff from accessories to furniture, posters to artworks. So we carefully selected the right pieces that best represent who we are. Objects that relate to a certain direction in what we do gives a prelude to how one's visit will be at our physical offices. All these objects you and become familiar once you step into our homes. One instantly feels comfortable and familiar.

We feel that a website is an extension of our offices too so we literally transported and plucked them out of there and to the studio and back. In order to achieve all this, we commissioned renowned photographer Jeanne Young no less to do the honors. It took us two days to haul back and forth the pieces from our office and one whole day to set-up, click and shoot.